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Age: 33
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Chinese
Location: New York, NY
School: Other
s t a r z gatez
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name: lily
favorite movie: fight club
favorite tv: arrested development
favorite book: the battle for new york
current favorite thing: asoiaf/got

sign: scorpio
favorite music: europop
favorite musical: 1789
unfavourite food: cilantro
favorite place: in my pants

Interests & Affiliations:
93.1 amor, achewood, alaska, alcohol, alejandro amenábar, alexander hamilton, alfred hitchcock, american revolution, animals, arrested development, asia, astronomy, audrey tautou, autumn, badminton, baroque music, bashing females, battlestar galactica, bbc world, beat takeshi, biology, bitter melon, books, brazil, cary grant, cats, cephalopods, cetaceans, cheese, china, chinese, chondrichthyes, christopher walken, chuck palahniuk, cinema, cjk tv serials, clive owen, cnidarians, coca-cola, colin firth, collecting, conan o'brien, countries, dae jang geum, danny boyle, days of our lives, death note, dim sum, dulce de leche, dutch, dvds, east asia, edward gorey, edward norton, empanadas, english language, environmental health, environmental science, environmental studies, epidemiology, eric bana, etymology, europop, ewan mcgregor, family guy, fearless, fight club, food, foreign films, foreign languages, french, futurama, gabriel garcía márquez, gael garcía bernal, genetics, geography, geology, george washington, german, germany, gymnastics, hana yori dango, hawaii, hayden christensen, history, holland, hong kong, hot gimmick, infernal affairs, ioan gruffudd, italian, italy, james stewart, jang dong gun, japan, japanese, jason bateman, javier bardem, jensen ackles, jeopardy!, joaquin phoenix, jude law, kaneshiro takeshi, katharine hepburn, kenneth branagh, kevin richardson, kiefer sutherland, korea, korean, liam neeson, languages, late night with conan o'brien, life sciences, linguistics, lost, lots of things, luke wilson, maggie simpson, manga, marine biology, martin scorsese, matthew broderick, matthew perry, mexican food, mos def, movies, mta new york city transit, music, mythology, nakamura toru, natalie portman, natalie wood, national geographic, nations, new york, new york city, new york yankees, oceanography, old timeyness, passions, pasta, paul rudd, peter sarsgaard, philately, philip seymour hoffman, portugal, portuguese, quentin tarantino, quizzes, quotes, ralph fiennes, reading, revolutionary war, rice, robert de niro, rurouni kenshin, russia, russian, samurai deeper kyo, saturday night live, scandinavia, sean bean, scrubs, song seung hun, spain, spanish, spinach, star wars, stellan skarsgård, steve carell, swimming, takeda shinji, tavis smiley, tennis, the body shop, the netherlands, the simpsons, toasting marshmallows, tofu, tony leung chiu-wai, too many to list, topher grace, trivia, u.s. history, unlit highways, utz snacks, vanilla coke, vcds, veronica mars, volleyball, watchmen, wildlife, wildlife conservation, winona ryder, won bin, wong kar-wai, world history, world news, writing, x-men, yogurt, z100, zebrafish (danio), zoology

Favorite Bands and Artists:
abba, a*teens, backstreet boys, blonde redhead, eminem, duran duran, exo, han geng, jakob dylan, jay-z, juanes, keane, the killers, kimura kaela, the kinks, l'arc~en~ciel, les savy fav, sarah mclachlan, luis miguel, mya, otsuka ai, peter bjorn and john, rilo kiley, shakira, britney spears, dusty springfield, spoon, tegan and sara, third eye blind, the wallflowers, utada hikaru

About me:
Listen, I'm so interesting that your brain can't comprehend and it'll explode. Or I'm really boring and it'll shrivel up and die. Either way, you're dead.

Your site is funny-looking in Firefox.
Yes, I know, but my sheer laziness abounds in ways you can't comprehend. (Just look at it in teh evilness of IE.)

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